Welcome to The Magnet School

The Magnet School is a Progressive K-12 School based in Hyderabad, India. The Magnet School is deeply inspired by Jiddu Krishnamurti's educational philosophy.

Our Approach

In The Magnet School Progressive approach, we see the individual child’s curiosities, abilities and learning style as important factors in designing, differentiating and assessing each student’s learning. Learn more...

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The Studio Model

The Magnet School focuses on facilitating ‘The Studio Model’ with Science, Mathematics, Languages & Social Studies. This approach helps children in understanding concepts and the subject very thoroughly.

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Experiential Studio

During the primary years, it is very important for the child to make a transition from self-discovery to harnessing their own intelligence, talents and skills. The Experiential Studio facilitates learning for Grades I–IV.

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Scholar’s Studio

We engage students with hands-­on investigations, projects and design challenges across the grades and subject areas inspiring greater interest, depth and understanding. The Scholar’s Studio facilitates Studio Model for Grades V–XII.

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