Welcome to Walden’s Path | The Magnet School

Walden’s Path | The Magnet School is an Independent Progressive K-12 School, deeply inspired by Jiddu Krishnamurti’s educational philosophy.

Our Approach

We would like our students to experience the satisfaction and confidence that comes from understanding academics. We equip students to learn from a variety of sources: texts, lectures, discussions, experiments and observations.

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Learning Science

Researchers in NeuroScience are realising that learning is a natural process and that the sensory-motor experiences are important for brain growth. We can no longer limit the learning environment to “sitting still, being quiet, and memorising stuff”.

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Admissions are open for Nursery – Grade I (Cambridge IGCSE framework) on a rolling basis. Prospective parents are encouraged to visit with us to understand more about our approach (Call +91 817 975 7575 to schedule a meeting).

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We have had numerous visitors to our school these past few years. One commonly stated worry among our prospective parents is how will a more relaxed approach prepare them for the standards and demands of secondary & higher education?

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